WorthWize Consulting can help bring ideas to light and design innovation models to fit the needs and culture of your company:

  • Design/implementation of lean innovation workshops to help explore customer needs and bring the best ideas of your people to light
  • Independent evaluation of the current innovation portfolio relative to market trends providing targeted feedback on investments and future direction.
  • Forming rough & nebulous ideas into a lean ideation plan and driving execution to validate the idea
  • Creating a portfolio of innovation activities, monitoring the portfolio, and helping to drive innovation results by mentoring or direct guidance as needed.
  • Direct execution of innovation projects leveraging in-house and global software development talent.

Innovation Workshop Outline

Digital Transformation

Most companies struggle with Digital Transformation – many do not succeed for a variety of reasons:

  • No clear, well appreciated,  imperative to change the status quo.
  • Non-aligned “buy-in” amongst executives sending mixed signals
  • Fear of job loss, role change, or negative career impact
  • Concern over customer care impact
  • Personnel & customer distrust of technology
  • Insufficient infrastructure to complete the change
  • Wrongly scoped projects (both too big and too small)
  • No clear vision of what must improve internally and for the customer
  • Build up of technical debt leaving no capacity for change

Digital transformation projects without a focus on:

  • improving the day to day customer experience
  • streamlining internal operations
  • increasing customer value

typically do not succeed or fail to accomplish the business goals.

One must dig in and understand the interactions between business process steps, customer interaction, and perceived customer value.  With this knowledge, it is possible to implement Digital Transformation in piecewise steps managing costs, results, and customer impact.

WorthWize Consulting helps with:

Digital Transformation Workshops

  • Help business teams understand customer & market trends
  • Show how the ongoing transformation from competitors impacts the business landscape.
  • Demonstrate the value-add in current business processes.
  • Design improved processes understanding information overlap and data sharing.
  • Establish key criteria and requirements for a transformation roadmap.

Infrastructure Analysis

Working with IT teams:

  • understand infrastructure elements and how they relate to “on demand” computing
  • evaluate technical debt and process which can slow digital transformation
  • review software development practices identifying value lost activities
  • help the IT team plan, decide, and execute an infrastructure change plan necessary to complete a digital transformation plan.

Independent analysis  

  • Working with internal teams to understand current digital and business process practices
  • Comparing internal practices with industry best practices and market competition to provide insight on where your company is in its digital transformation.

Digital Transformation Workshop Outline




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