Digital Transformation Workshop Outline


  • Review of company information on product direction, customer interaction process, market, and competitors
  • Interviews with key people (CTO, CEO, CFO, COO, key business leaders) to understand current business processes, customer/supplier interactions, areas of excellence & concerns, business needs, & future desires.
  • Review of external competition and their business models.
  • Interviews with current process leaders and selected individuals to understand daily process flow.
  • Develop a baseline of current business processes, successes, & concerns.
  • Identification of participants, workshop goals, and team exercises.

(Note: Actual exercises will be selected and adapted during planning to meet the needs of the company and participants. These will vary.)

Participant Pre-Work (2-3 hours)

  • review a business case for a related digital transformation success
  • review a business case of an orthogonal digital transformation
  • Prepare a short list (3-5 items) of things you believe would transform business process

Workshop Activities (1 day)

  • Review of company vision, mission, and product/services direction
  • Customer demographics (current/ expected future)
  • A short review of the SWOT model
  • Team exercise: SWOT analysis of 1 or 2 current or potential competitors.
  • Team identification of unique value-add elements their company has relative to competitors
  • Overview of a current business process to be dissected
  • Team exercise: Identification of value-add steps, costly steps, and wasted process steps in the business process
  • Value stream analysis primer
  • Team exercise: Groups will redesign process using value stream and lead techniques.
  • Teams will report results. Group voting used to identify best elements
  • Group activity to align best elements into a new combined process design.
  • Group walkthrough of the new process to identify requirements and gaps
  • Group exercise to identify next 5 actions to take following the workshop

Post Workshop

  • A summary report outlining the day, learning, activity results, and recommendations for moving forward.