About Us

Experience / How We Work

WorthWize team members have experience in product development, software, hardware, & business development engaging in a variety of projects:

  • turning new & vague ideas into projects with results
  • transforming troubled projects into successful initiatives
  • leading software projects from small to large (>100 people)
  • managing large organizations (150+ people) delivering multiple products
  • building global software strategy and development teams
  • advising innovation projects and aligning innovation portfolio
  • strategic & tactical projects meeting business goals

We understand technology trends, helping identify which ones will have a lasting impact on your business and which will not. Our capabilities range from strategy and planning to execution of initiatives.

Key to the WorthWize strategy is matching our engagement to the needs of your project. Our process is designed to understand your:

  • project/strategy goals
  • available resources
  • initiative requirements
  • value chain
  • organizational dynamics
  • stakeholder needs

We balance our advice, wisdom, and actions with this knowledge to ensure your success.  Our methods vary based on need and may include:

  • Strategy/innovation guidance
  • Technology evaluation
  • Team Workshops (digital transformation, innovation, strategy)
  • Coaching of key personnel and teams
  • Direct management of projects
  • Program / portfolio management & guidance
  • Interim leadership and coordination

We believe a trusted 3rd party advisor can:

  • Provide a valuable external perspective helping to eliminate “group think”
  • Demonstrate the changing reality often lost in the organizational “fog”
  • Challenge the organizational “status quo” helping to expose new ideas and new creativity
  • Channel organizational dreams and enthusiasm into concrete actions

Our Story

WorthWize Consulting’s roots come from the early days of UNIX (yes, before Linux). A beginning in manufacturing test engineering and software testing laid the basis for an exciting future. Our product development experience covers multi-core and symmetric multi-processing servers, storage area network systems, and network attached storage devices (enterprise and consumer). A willingness to try new, innovative challenges gave opportunities to work across the full UNIX development stack (kernel, middleware, tools).  A desire to learn more expanded into the development of graphical systems, hardware abstraction layers, emulators, applications porting, and design/implementation of modern user interfaces.

More recently we have engaged in global software and innovation development. Projects include designing software labs in other countries, building/directing global software development teams, and leading cross-functional innovation initiatives.

Our passions are simple:

  • Helping teams and organizations with digital transformation, innovation, and software development needs
  • Continuous learning, solving problems, and having fun along the way
  • Providing value to grow and meet new business challenges.

We believe the key to success is to be the best advisor we can be. “We work to ensure success for your company as if it were our own.”

Meet the Team

Stephen Worth

Sr. Technology Consultant

Steve Worth was a former Director of Innovation & Global Business Development at Dell EMC.  In his early career at Data General Steve was involved in the creating of some of the earliest UNIX workstations and servers.  He spent years leading various areas of UNIX development including the implementation of 2, 4, & 6 node clustered systems.  At EMC he organized and led software development and services organizations ranging from 5 to 150+ developers.  His projects varied in size and scope depending on need.  To demonstrate, one small project created a software emulator to mimic a storage hardware project saving development costs.  In a large effort, Steve organized and led an internal engineering services team supporting a NAS product line.  Team scope included build management, program management, release management, QA, documentation, performance, and customer support.  More recently he led efforts to build global software engineering operations and labs in multiple countries. This work required guiding and integrating innovation activities across multiple teams and organizations along with managing budget and operations.  In his spare time, Steve enjoys gardening and photography.

Steve Worth Resume

Steve Worth One Page Resume