Steve Worth – Resume


Capgemini  – RTP,NC                      2019 to Present

Engagement Director

Sr. Portfolio & Engagement Manager

WorthWize Consulting – RTP,NC                      2017 to Present

Sr. Technical Consultant

Dell EMC (formerly EMC) – RTP, NC               2016 to 2017

Sr. Technical Staff  – Center of Excellence Program Management Office

Director / Sr. Technical Staff  –  Global Innovation/Israel Center of Excellence
(2016 to 2017)

EMC – RTP, NC         2004 to 2016

Director – Global New Business Development Operations

Director – Storage Products Global Business Operations Team
(2004 to 2010)

Prior Experience
Director – NAS Strategy & Business Development
Director – R&D Effectiveness (Software Engineering Operations)

Data General:
Department Manager – UNIX Products Group
Section Manager – UNIX Products Group, Systems Applications Engineering, Software Quality Assurance
Senior Software Engineer – Software Quality Assurance, Manufacturing Systems Test Engineering

Product Strategy & Innovation

  • Increased Life Science product sales $15M+ with Metalnx ( ), an agile, containerized Java cloud application helping genomic researchers manage big data & user-defined metadata with iRODS (Integrated Rule Oriented Data System). Created the concept, led the design, development, and user insight gathering/interactions. Twice BioIT World speaker on this application.  The software was created using an agile process and continuous development model. Metalnx has been donated to the IRODS Consortia to allow faster innovation and is proceeding through the adoption process.
  • Vendor manager for a new innovative mesh grid, core to edge storage product expected to generate $75M in revenue. Developed next-generation hardware requirements and go to market planning.
  • Led design & development of a consumer home network attached storage system leveraging new on-demand video format conversion hardware. Developed the RFP response, product requirements, and UI design documents. Drove development, and program management.  Managed OEM customer, software partners, and executive expectations.  Integrated technologies from 5 global companies leading a collaboration of 60+ software developers from the partner companies. The product was expected to generate $50M in revenue during its first year.
  • Created a storage emulator which behaves as a fully configured 960 disk array in a small 5 disk unit mimicking the performance profile of a real storage array saving $2M annually in hardware costs.
  • Developed LAN backup to disk methods which added $20M in new sales over year one.
  • Guided a local technology recruiting company to market part-time executive talent available via their outplacement business unit that will add $1M in new sales
  • Designed an created an automated test system for the Data General AV 300 workstation.  The system could simultaneously test 12 systems for proper functionality under heat, voltage, and vibration stress via software control. This testing appliance reduced overall test time by 50%.

Organization, Budget, & Cost Management

  • Directed a 150+ person integrated engineering operations organization, managing a $35M+ budget, comprised of quality assurance, systems performance, customer documentation, customer escalation support, lab infrastructure management, build/ release management, lifecycle management, program/project management, and facilities management.  Delivered 12 product releases across 2 product lines over 2 years.  
    • Transitioned a multi-day build process into an auto-propagation check-in system with automated daily builds with regression testing using Devops principles.
    • Managed a build/release process with 6 parallel development branches
    • Using root cause analysis and continuous improvement reduced level 3 customer complaints by 50% over a 5 month period.
  • Saved $2M via transfer of product QA from China to India expanding automated test coverage by 70%.  Developed the business case, transition plan, and led vendor negotiations.
  • Transitioned a 65+ person database organization into new roles in software development, QA, and performance teams as part of ramp down initiative. This effort saved over $2M in costs.
  • Responsible for overall budget planning, rollup, and balance negotiations for multiple software organizations.

Software Development, Architecture & Design Development

  • Metalnx, a containerized Java cloud application to help genomic researchers manage big data was created using agile design, user stories, and open source tools such as D3, Bootstrap, NodeJS, and Spring.  The continuous development tools were built on Maven, Jenkins, Bugzilla, Git, and Selenium.
  • Led the refactoring of DG/UX Clusters product creating 2, 4, & 6 node Unix clusters with each node having 2 to 16 CPUs. The product achieved multiple industry leading benchmarks and generated $250M in sales over its first 2 years.
  • Created a hardware abstraction layer that supported running a partner’s proprietary MUMPS based operating environment on our Intel based Unix platforms without software changes enabling $45M in new sales.
  • Created and led a contractor team porting a big endian shipbuilding application (1M+ lines) to little endian creating $20M in sales. Managed customer and partner expectations along with guiding the team.
  • Led development teams which created the DG/UX  Virtual Disk Manager (an early version of today’s Linux Logical Volume Manager (LVM)), a 2TB file implementation, multiple GUI & systems management tools for DG/UX, and many Data General proprietary X Windows based applications.
  • Guided student teams creating new innovations:  an iRODS rule deployment feature for Metalnx, Cabolco – a client API to backup/restore collections of objects as a single entity to any cloud service, QRODS – a Qt interface library for IRODS, and a node storage grid for consumer storage based on Sheepdog.
  • Achieved industry-leading benchmark performance numbers for Oracle, SAP, and Sybase on Data General AViiON Servers
  • Led development and support for all X Windows related software and applications

Project, Program Management, Cross-functional Leadership

  • Led design & development of a #50M consumer home network attached storage system using cutting-edge, on-demand video format conversion hardware. Developed the RFP response, product requirements, and UI design documents. Drove development, and program management.  Managed OEM customer, software partners, and executive expectations.  Integrated technologies from 5 global companies leading a collaboration of 60+ software developers from the partner companies. The product was expected to generate $50M in revenue during its first year.
  • Improved best practices and knowledge sharing across development centers in Brazil, China, Israel, Ireland, Egypt, and Russia driving a 100+ person Global Innovation Council.  Participants were made up of developers and innovators across the whole company.
  • Created a small team to modify a standard NAS product firmware package & interface to have a tailored look and feel supporting an OEM customer’s look and feel requirements.
  • Coordinated a task force to develop software development KPIs for the storage products division.  The resulting work was used as a basis for individual organization metrics programs.
  • Led a team that investigated and executed an initiative to bring management of a Brazillian tax credit program back in-house saving $1M in annual costs, providing a 10% gain in funding for R&D projects under the program.

Strategic Initiatives / Global Software Engineering Management

  • Returned $115M in real value, managing $26M in Brazilian R&D tax credits over 8-years, investing in engineering and university R&D projects, managing some directly, others via influence with business units. Responsible for project creation, budgeting, funding, project management, reporting, and accountability of results. Delivered 16 production & prototype projects.
  • Grew the engineering talent ratio from 0 to 20%+, providing annual labor savings of 35%+, leveraging a partner based global engineering portfolio of 700+ software developers. Developed the model, drove partner selection, managed negotiations, developed business cases, developed transition plans, handled HR & IT issues, and did what was necessary to ensure success for the participating engineering organizations.
  • Designed a system of partner visitations, training, mentoring, continuous process improvement, business reviews, & a KPI scorecard that helped achieve a perfect record of on time, quality deliveries over a 4-year period across 20 project teams which outsourced some development offshore.
  • Designed and advised construction of engineering labs in Russia and Singapore along with test labs at strategic partner locations, ensuring costs, implementation, and engineering needs were met.
  • Designed and constructed a 7,000 sq. ft., 500 rack, 125 KW/sq. ft. engineering lab. An early high-density lab.
  • Developed lab specifications for a Brazil R&D center, working with construction teams ensuring cost targets were met and advising the management team on workflow process, metrics, and operations planning.

Software Partner / Vendor Management

  • Created $2M in additional sales by standardizing a partner engineering program growing software partnerships from 2 to 15 in a one year period.
  • Directed a 60+ person vendor management/porting team working with over 40 application and database partners to ensure necessary applications were ported, current, deployable, and performed well on our Unix platforms. The collective set of applications added $30M+ in annual sales. The work involved direct porting, porting assistance, business development, contract management, performance and quality testing.
  • Drove transition of DG/UX (a Unix operating system) to full offshore sustaining

Customer Engagement

  • Engagement Manager of legacy product engineering support for a leading global storage product company saving the customer over 10% on annual costs.  We provide last line engineering support for all products including recovery, root cause analysis, hot fixes, and product maintenance releases.
  • Initiated a $2M+ professional service opportunity leveraging next generation Manufacturing Workflow Orchestration software targeting customers with small batch manufacturing processes. 
  • Added $4M in quarterly sales by tripling an engineering run customer briefing program to 6 events annually, providing direct customer interaction for 60 developers, with ~200 customers.
  • Increased customer awareness in NAS (Network Attached Storage) engineering products driving new business via customer interaction initiatives and engineering solutions.  Developed new LAN backup to disk methods helping add $20M in new sales in one year
  • Speaker at BioIT World in 2015 & 2016. Often present to customers on company products, innovation, and participate in customer feedback forums.
  • Invited speaker and moderator for multiple digital transformation panels
  • Former university adjunct lecturer.  Taught introductory programming and machine languages to multiple sections ranging from 60 to 300 students each semester over a decade.


Master of Science (MS), Computer Studies (Computer Science)

  • Thesis: “Performance Evaluation of a Data General MV/8000 Computer”
  • Minor: Operations Research

Bachelor of Science (BS), Chemistry


  • North Carolina Technology Association
  • Computer Science Strategic Advisory Board, North Carolina State University


  • 2nd Place, “Best in Show”, 2015 EMC Innovation Competition
  • Metalnx selected a “Best in Show” finalist, BioIT World 2016
  • Patent 6,766,519: “Generic Software Interface for Hardware Environments”